Monday, May 19, 2014

Slain Legal Immigrant to Receive Posthumous Degree - Higher Education

Slain Legal Immigrant to Receive Posthumous Degree - Higher Education: I’ve talked about my cousin’s shooting in this space recently.

We still haven’t had justice, but we got a little bit this week.

For those new to this story, my cousin, Stephen Guillermo, 26, was shot and killed when he got off on the wrong floor of his San Francisco apartment building and entered an identical apartment on May 3.

He was shot and killed by a gun-owner, who was arrested for suspicion of murder.

By the following Tuesday, the San Francisco District attorney ordered the man released.

This is the power of the gun laws that favor the mistaken shooter, but not a mistaken victim.

It’s a “shoot first, ask questions later” world.

The law in California is based on something called the “Castle Doctrine,” where one’s home is one’s castle. It allows justification of deadly force on an intruder if one is in imminent danger.

But those who know Stephen find it hard to believe he posed any threat at all.

Much is made of Stephen being inebriated, but he was no worse than a college student on a typical Friday night.