Thursday, May 08, 2014

Nation’s Report Card: No Gains for 12th-Graders - Higher Education

Nation’s Report Card: No Gains for 12th-Graders - Higher Education: ...At all levels, there continue to be racial disparities.

Among high school seniors, White and Asian students scored higher on average on the recent results in both reading and math than Black, Hispanic and American Indian students. Asian students scored higher than White students in math but did not do significantly better in reading. As in past years, male students did better than female students in math, but females outperformed males in reading.

These results did not include a global comparison, but U.S. students historically do poorly on international assessments compared to many global peers.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement that, even though there has been some good news related to graduation rates and scores in younger grades, high school achievement has been flat in recent years.

“We must reject educational stagnation in our high schools, and as a nation we must do better for all students, especially for African-American and Latino students,” Duncan said.