Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Emmys Still Fail the Diversity Test - Higher Education

The Emmys Still Fail the Diversity Test - Higher Education: I don’t ever expect to see an Emmy awarded to celebrate diversity on television. It would be nice, but as a person of color, you have a better chance of recognition if you’re dead than excellent.

I didn’t see many people of color winning anything on Sunday night. It was more so a “happy to be presenting” or a “happy to be nominated” type of event.

However, there were two diversity moments worth noting—one was during the obit slide show, which reminded me of the death of Russsell Means, the American Indian Movement’s leader at Wounded Knee. I forgot that Means was also an actor, and most recently appeared in the show “Banshee” last year on Cinemax. He played the character Benjamin Longshadow.

Means was 72 when he died.

To see his face flash by for even a few seconds is more than Native Americans get on shows like the Emmys.

Though Means and his non-White co-star, Asian America actor Hoon Lee, did not have roles that would have been considered as Emmy-worthy performances, there’s still hope for a breakthrough when you see someone like Kerry Washington up for best actress in a drama for her lead role in “Scandal.”