Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Studying How The Blind Perceive Race : Code Switch : NPR

Studying How The Blind Perceive Race : Code Switch : NPR: Law professor Osagie Obasogie walked into a movie theater to see "Ray," a biopic about the musician Ray Charles, and walked out with a question that would drive eight years worth of research.

"I was really struck by how Ray Charles had this really interesting understanding of race throughout his life even though he was blind throughout his early childhood," says Obasogie, who teaches at the University of California Hasting College of the Law. "I just wanted to learn more about how blind people understood race. I never had thought about it."

Obasogie started by interviewing 110 individuals who were blind since birth. His full research on the topic will be published in a book, Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race In The Eyes Of The Blind, that hits shelves in November.