Thursday, February 16, 2012

As seniors climb from poverty, young fall in –

As seniors climb from poverty, young fall in – ...The ratio of senior-to-child poverty was close in 1980: There were three counties with more than 20% of children living in poverty for every four counties with 20% of seniors in poverty.

Now the two are reversed, and the gap has widened considerably. Eight counties have high child poverty for every one that has high senior poverty.

Nationally, official Census numbers show 9% of seniors in poverty. Among children, 22% — 15.6 million — live in poverty.

The official numbers show the poverty trend among seniors and children over time and by county. Geographically, counties in the South and Southwest show the highest concentrations of poor children.

The recession has added to the numbers of poor children as parents lost jobs and families lost homes to foreclosures.