Monday, August 25, 2014

College Students Step Up in Ferguson - Higher Education

College Students Step Up in Ferguson - Higher Education: The protests that have swept up Ferguson, Mo., following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, in part have been powered by the young people. Some are local and others have come there to help organize.

Antonio Parker, a student at University of Missouri-St. Louis, said that he has been at protests during the day.

“When I’m there, it’s calm, people are just chanting, trying to get their voices heard,” he said. “When I was down there, the police that were there during the day, don’t seem to be as on edge as they are at night, from what I’ve been told. A lot of people think that the message is getting covered up by all the looting, but I think the message is still being carried out—justice for Mike Brown.

“The Black community, we are tired of police brutality.”