Thursday, June 12, 2014

BBC News - The pioneering woman the world forgot

BBC News - The pioneering woman the world forgot: The name Nokutela Dube is not well known - but a century ago she made a big contribution to South Africa's black-empowerment movement helping to form the country we know today. Now, the director of a film about her is hoping to set the record straight and give her the recognition he feels she deserves.

"Mr President, I have come to report to you that South Africa is free today" - the words of Nelson Mandela on the day he cast his vote in South Africa's first democratic elections in 1994.

He was paying homage at the grave of John Dube, the founding president of the group that became today's governing African National Congress (ANC).

But while Dube is remembered by many South Africans today, his first wife is far from a household name. Even if he had wanted, Mandela could not have paid tribute at her grave too - it was unmarked and she had been virtually forgotten. And yet she worked hand in hand with her husband in all his major endeavours.