Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HBCU Fundraising: No Longer Business as Usual - Higher Education

HBCU Fundraising: No Longer Business as Usual - Higher Education: For James A. Anderson, fundraising requires big risks to yield big gains. The Fayetteville State University Chancellor sets large goals, and he expects to obtain large returns on investment.

Recently, the oldest public institution in North Carolina kicked off the first phase of its $25 million, five-year capital campaign, the largest fundraiser in the school’s 147-year history. To date, the school has raised $7.1 million in cash and pledges during the first year, far exceeding the school’s one-year campaign high of $1.4 million. The second phase will kick off on Sept. 26.

“You have to set a target that sends a message that you have the ability to do significant fundraising,” said Anderson, who is in his fifth year at FSU. “As tough as it is fiscally for HBCUs, I don’t understand how they are not doing campaigns. This isn’t some arm-chair effort.”