Monday, July 14, 2014

View: Latino students shouldn't limit college dreams

View: Latino students shouldn't limit college dreams: At recent high school graduation ceremonies across America, there was perhaps no moment or sight more jubilant than when the graduates threw their caps into the air, like large pieces of confetti.

Dreams, hopes and wishes were thrown into the sky as the young scholars anticipated what the future holds.

For many, however, the next step into "life" is not as jubilant because they lack a critical resource to getting into top colleges and universities: full access to equal information and opportunity.

I am speaking of high-achieving students who have two major characteristics: They are first-generation Americans and they are Latino. In Westchester County, where 26 percent of the student body is Hispanic, most highly talented students who come from financially challenged backgrounds never apply to a single competitive college. Their transcripts show academic excellence and they don't bypass physics and calculus, yet they still "under apply."