Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ISLE students document Latino culture

ISLE students document Latino culture: Over the summer, students in Intensive Semester Learning Experience (ISLE) 397, a 6-credit intensive interdisciplinary arts and humanities course, have been going out into the community and gathering information to create a Wiki site, Idaho Latinopedia.

This Wiki will serve Boise State and the greater community as a means of exploring Latino culture in Boise: from its history to present citizens and from restaurants to community resources.

Erin Gerry, a Spanish major pursuing her second bachelor’s degree, said she really appreciated the guest speakers who spoke during the first several weeks of the course. Gerry said one particular guest speaker, Rosaura Conley-Estrada, debunked stereotypes about Latino women. Conley-Estrada provided data showing Latino women only have one more child on average than white women in America, proving that the perception of Latino women having a lot of kids is incorrect.