Thursday, March 07, 2013

Report: Poor College Prospects Predicted for Black Youth in LA County - Higher Education

Report: Poor College Prospects Predicted for Black Youth in LA County - Higher Education: A report by the Oakland-based Education Trust–West organization documenting the educational status of African-American youth in Los Angeles County has painted a dismal picture of the college readiness and college completion prospects for a cohort that makes up one-third of all Black K-12 students in California.

Among the findings in At a Crossroads: A Comprehensive Picture of How African-American Youth Fare in Los Angeles County Schools, African-American students are much less likely to take the rigorous college prep courses required for admission to California public universities. Released last week, the study, which overall revealed mostly poor outcomes for its subjects, predicts that just one of every 20 African-American kindergartners will graduate from a four-year university if current conditions fail to improve.

The report amasses data on academic achievement, suspensions and the psychological conditions of 135,000 Black students in 81 public school districts in LA County. In addition, the report analyzes special education identification rates and health and wellness data collected in the California Healthy Kids Survey. It also pinpoints data in a number of school districts where Black students are faring well on certain outcomes, including academic performance, graduation rates, suspension rates and health and wellness indicators.